Chess coach

I am an experienced chess coach and I am particularly suited for players in the 1800-2300 ELO range who want to bring their game to the next level.

Why chess coaching

It is true that there is a lot of great (free) material available to improve your game. However, doing this by yourself is not easy for everyone. As a chess coach I can identify weak and strong points easily and I can set-up a personal training programme.

How it works

My philosophy

I believe a coach is guiding a student. However, the student is the one who has to do the real work. He should do so by doing the following things, in this order:

1) Solve difficults exercises

2) Annotate the own games

3) Play through annotated games by very strong players

4) Work on the openings

A coach should set up a training plan for the student to make sure he could do all this work. I have written about the process of setting up a training plan, here. Improving in chess will cost time. One can not expect quick results, but if you work on chess for a longer period of time, you should gradually become a much stronger player.