Maand: januari 2022

Roquetas de Mar: round 4 – 9

The Roquetas tournament is over. My intention was to write more reports during the tournament than I did, but the tournament schedule was tougher than I anticipated and besides playing chess I decided to enjoy Spanish weather which was beautiful compared to the grey and rainy weather back home. I thoroughly enjoyed playing and I thoroughly enjoyed the sunny atmosphere – in addition to the fact that I played quite well, it was a very good experience.

At the end of my previous report my score was 2.5 out of 3. I managed to add 3.5 point to my score, ending with 6 out of 9 winning some rating points in the end. …

First tournament of 2022: Roquetas de Mar (rounds 1-3)

With the sudden surge of the omikron variant in the middle of December, it was very unclear whether I could a play a tournament during the Christmas break and I was already preparing to study chess instead of playing. Fortunately for me, the Roquetas de Mar Open is being held as planned and so I travelled to Spain to play another open, together with my friends Tom Piceu and Steven Geirnaert. It’s nice to play a tournament again and the weather at this time of year is great in Spain: 17 degrees and lots of sun.

Roquetas de Mar is a touristic town in the south of Spain. In winter it seems to be mainly a resort for seniors from the northern part of Europe. Fortunately, we are not yet part of that group! …