Maand: oktober 2021

Leuven Open day 2: still on a perfect score

I was looking forward to take a couple of longer walks through the city of Leuven, but the weather is not cooperating yet. The tournament is being held for the 32nd time. The list of winners consists of a mix of International Grandmasters and International Masters. The biggest names on the list of winners are probably the IGM’s Azmaiparashvili, Baklan, Glek, Torre, Chuchelov, Miroshnichenko and Epishin.

In chess circles Leuven got famous for staging two editions of the Grand Chess Tour, in 2017 and 2018. In 2017 Magnus Carlsen was present alongside all the other top players, whereas in 2018 most of the top players competed, but this time without Carlsen.

In this tournament the field is, of course, a lot less impressive. I am seeded 3rd, with 1 Grandmaster participating (Alexandre Dgebuadze), 1 other IM (Steven Geirnaert) and a lot of up and coming 2300s. After 3 rounds I am still on a perfect score. …

Open Leuven Day 1

First rounds are always a bit tough. There usually is a big difference in rating and still the lower rated players often manage to put up a lot of resistance. I arrived in Leuven a few hours before the game after a long ride with a lot of traffic on the road. My hotel is located in the beautiful centre of Leuven and the playing hall is only 700 metres away. Unfortunately, the weather is far from great with lots of rain, which makes strolling through the city a lot less attractive.

I won my first game rather convincingly when my opponent blundered an important pawn away in a position which was already pleasant for me. Today, there are two rounds, so let’s see whether I can keep the pace going. …

Open Leuven

From tonight onwards I will play in the open tournament of Leuven. Seven rounds will be played from Friday evening until Monday evening and I will try to give some updates. The tournament can be followed via this link and I guess there will be live games.